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Do you want to know how your new content will look in the browser? Maybe you’re considering moving your Call To Actions to be more prominent.
Voyage allows you to see how those changes will look before they go live. Voyage will create a unique URL for you to review your requests before they go live. The “better way” is here.
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Live URL
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Hey ______,

I recently found this tool called Voyage that I believe will increase our productivity and transparency, and decrease the amount of time we spend on QA and testing. Some of my favorite features are:

Unique Deployments for each PR: Voyage creates unique, secure, on-demand environments for each feature request. The unique URL can be slacked to us as soon as it’s ready.

Feedback tools: each deployment has feedback tools built right into it. No more email chains or slack threads. We can add comments and screenshots without leaving the app and the comments integrate directly into the developer tools (Github/Bitbucket)

The entire application is deployed: Unlike other tools, the entire application gets deployed. Other tools only deploy the front-end, Voyage does it all. Password protected deployments: If we have something we dont want publically accessible, we can password protect the URL so only our team can access it!

I think we should take a look at integrating Voyage into our process. What do you think?