Better visibility into your dev teams with Voyage

Jaden - Engineering
Hey Taylor, here is the voyage link
Voyage has been a huge help! It allows our teams to iterate through the QA and approval process much more quickly than usual.

Jonathan - Broadwing
Jonathan - Broadwing
Ship features <span class="bold__Bold-sc-1qjpgqy-0 einjPq">faster</span>
Live URL
View Deployment
Live URL
View Deployment
Built-in feedback tools
<span font-weight="200" color="darkBlue" font-size="30" class="sc-bdfBQB sc-kEjbQP dvUmn gOtuwI"><span class="bold__Bold-sc-1qjpgqy-0 einjPq">Secure</span> platform &amp; <br/>Password <span class="bold__Bold-sc-1qjpgqy-0 einjPq">protected</span> deployments</span>

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Hey ______,

I recently found this tool called Voyage. It’s a developer tool but I feel like it will help the whole team. It will increase our visibility into the development team and allow us to get involved quicker! Some of my favorite features are:

Unique Deployments for each PR: Voyage creates unique, secure, on-demand environments for each feature request. The unique URL can be slacked to us as soon as it’s ready.

Feedback tools: each deployment has feedback tools built right into it. No more email chains or slack threads. We can add comments and screenshots without leaving the app and the comments integrate directly into the developer tools (Github/Bitbucket)

It’s a Time Saver: We dont have to wait on the development team for a meeting or let us know when a release is close. We can get involved right away. Password protected deployments: If we have something we dont want publically accessible, we can password protect the URL so only our team can access it!

Voyage seems like it would be great for the entire organization; What do you think?