Deploy entire applications for each Pull Request

Your app is more than just a front-end, so why settle for only deploying that?

Voyage Ships
Supports Complex Applications
Cloud Based
Supports Muti-Service Apps
Speeds Up Development

staging environments

With just a few lines of code, your feature branch is deployed to an isolated environment and can be easily shared with teammates and stakeholders.

Send the safe and unique URL to your team and keep coding.
Product Owner
Product Owner
Ship features <span class="bold__Bold-sc-1qjpgqy-0 einjPq">faster</span>
Works alongside your current process

Setup in minutes

Voyage can be configured in 15 minutes or less. Using a standard configuration file, you're able to get back to building your product and not worry about setting up a new tool. We also have a growing list of automatic presets that require no customization.
# .voyage/config.yml
    context: ./
    primary: true
    exposePort: 3000
      - name: APP_ENV
        value: 'voyage'
    image: postgres:13
      - name: POSTGRES_USER
        value: 'voyage'
<span font-weight="200" color="darkBlue" font-size="30" class="sc-bdfBQB sc-kEjbQP dvUmn gOtuwI"><span class="bold__Bold-sc-1qjpgqy-0 einjPq">Secure</span> platform &amp; <br/>Password <span class="bold__Bold-sc-1qjpgqy-0 einjPq">protected</span> deployments</span>

Want to share with your team?

We’ve got you covered.
We already wrote your email or slack message.
Hey ______,

Check out this tool I just found. Voyage creates on-demand staging environments for each pull request and includes built-in feedback tools for each deployment. I think Voyage could really help our team save time and give everyone more transparency. Some of my favorite features are:

- Unique Deployments for each PR: Voyage creates unique, secure, on-demand environments for each pull request. The unique URL can be slacked to us as soon as it’s ready. The URL stays the same as we make new commits to the PR too.

- Feedback tools: Each deployment has feedback tools built right into it. No more email chains or slack threads. We can add comments and screenshots without leaving the app and the comments integrate directly into the pull request.

- Supports full-stack apps: Unlike other tools, the entire application gets deployed. Other tools only deploy the front-end, Voyage does it all. It can handle multiple repositories, multiple services, seed our database, etc!

- No infrastructure upgrades from us: Voyage hosts all the deployments so there is no need for us to touch our existing infrastructure!

- Password protected deployments: If we have something we dont want publically accessible, we can password protect the URL so only our team can access it! I think Voyage could be a great tool for our team. Check them out here